Catia Parlade is a Brazilian native, born in the capital of Brazil Brasilia,DF. Where she was raised in the world politics with very powerful and influenced people.

After attending Economy college at “Universidade Federal do Ceara”, adventurous Catia Parlade needed to explore a new world and in 1995 moved to USA choosing Miami as her home town, due to its mix of international culture and tropical weather.

She became American Citizen in 2001. Catia Parlade’s primary language is Portuguese but she always had a fascination for languages and now she also speaks fluidly Spanish, English and French.

By 2002 Catia Parlade created and owned two Brazilian Restaurants both called “RIO”, one in Naples,FL and the other on the corner of Lincoln Rd and Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Both restaurants were full of tourist from all over the world and they were always asking Catia’s opinion on where should be the best place to buy a place in Miami. This was when Catia Parlade interest in Real Estate was born.

Catia Parlade became a Realtor in 2004 and has been concentrating her efforts on luxury high-end residential properties and the finest communities in Miami. She has established an impressive resume in selling luxury real estate.

Her clients and colleagues recognize her as one whose combined experience, knowledge, passion and dedication to selling luxury real estate. This have resulted in record-breaking sales in Miami Beach in prime luxury waterfront properties like Apogee, Continuum and ICON South Beach. She was also involved in selling the house with next door neighbor actor Matt Damon on North Bay Rd. that was featured in “Miami Vice” movie with Collin Farrel and Jamie Fox a few years back.

Catia Parlade believe in providing the highest level of service to our clients. A dedication to understanding each client’s unique needs and finding them their desired property designed just for them, are among the many reasons why Catia Parlade have become the Miami realtor of choice for celebrities, renowned public figures, athletes and numerous household names in the business world.

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